To help promote HIV awareness and reduce HIV stigma in your community, here are the images you can use and some social media captions you can share. #HIVToday



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Suggested Social Media Captions

Did you know there is a pill that prevents HIV? It’s called PrEP, and it provides up to 99% protection from getting HIV through sex. Find out more at #HIVToday

PrEP is recommended for people who are HIV-negative and whose chances of being exposed to HIV through sexual contact or intravenous drug use are high. Learn more at #HIVToday

If you’re transgender, there are no known drug conflicts or interactions between PrEP and hormone therapy. If you are worried that PrEP will affect your hormone therapy, ask your health care provider to check your hormone levels. Get more details about #HIVToday:

U=U stands for Undetectable=Untransmittable. With effective treatment, people living with HIV can maintain their health and become undetectable so that they don’t transmit the virus through sex. Find out more at #HIVToday

If you have undetectable HIV, it means that you can have unprotected sex without transmitting the virus. Learn more at #HIVToday

Did you know that in California, at age 12 and older, you have the right to access STI and HIV testing/treatment/prevention services? Find out more here: #HIVToday